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Bid Day Baskets

One of the most exciting weeks of the year for your daughter or special someone is coming up…. Recruitment week!  We are so excited the time has come and want to help you make this experience the best that it can be.  Send her a Bid Day Basket to celebrate her new sisterhood, full of all things she’ll need to rep her new letters! We want to make sure the recruitment and bid day experience is exciting and stress free for both you and your new sorority gal, so let us take care of you!   
We are here to make Greek Life an unforgettable experience throughout your loved ones journey.    

What is a Bid Day Basket?Bid Day Baskets will be filled with the latest trends in sorority gift items and clothing.  Your gift will make this day even more special by providing her with the opportunity to immediately wear her new letters!  We have carefully selected items for each basket level that are sure to put a smile on her face when she receives your gift.  Ranging from the latest Charles River Pullovers, water bottles, key chains, must-have sorority letter car decals and more, we promise the girls will love every item.  

How does it work?We are now taking orders for Bid Day Baskets!  We have four different basket options with a complete description of items which will be in each basket listed below.  Our staff has spent months planning for this occasion to ensure we have a great selection for you. As an official sponsor for Arkansas State University Greek Life and Panhellenic Recruitment we will receive a bid list prior to bid day and begin preparing her basket ASAP – this will allow us to have her basket there and ready for her the morning of bid day!!  

 We are also offering Greek Gift Basket option to meet any budget.  You may list items you'd like to have in the basket and we will make every effort to meet your requests, however if we are out of items we will fill them will other great things she's sure to love.  Baskets will be filled in the order they are placed.  Just to be safe you’ll want to order your Bid Day Basket as soon as possible! 

How will you know which sorority to deliver my basket to?On Saturday, August 18th, the girls receive their bids at 1 p.m.  As an official sponsor for Arkansas State University Greek Life and Panhellenic Recruitment we will receive a bid list prior to that, and will begin preparing Bid Day Baskets ASAP – this will allow us to have her basket there and ready for her as soon as she receives her bid!!  

Where will we be able to find the basket?  All baskets will be delivered to a designated spot in each sorority house. Once the basket has been delivered and signed for they are out of our hands. We would not be able to return to the house to help locate baskets.  

Due to the high volume of orders, we are unable to notify each girl who receives a basket.  Please be sure you notify the recipient to expect a basket so she’ll know to go find her basket.  It will be clearly labeled with her name! 

What if I want to change my order? All orders are final and are not eligible for cancellation or exchange. These baskets are 100% custom made and special for each girl which prevents us from being able to make any changes.  

Return Policy:Girls may exchange any of the apparel items they receive in their basket for a different size if they wish to do so, as long as we have the needed size in stock  No refunds will be given.  Exchanges will be available until August 31st. Tags must be intact and item not used, worn or washed.


  • You can order Greek Gift Baskets anytime, orders placed after bids go out will be filled in the order that they are placed, we will fill these baskets with great items she is sure to love.  Any baskets ordered after midnight 8.17.18 will NOT be delivered to the sorority house.  We will be open Saturday from 2-4pm.
  • If your loved one chooses to not accept her bid someone must let us know by 1:00 pm by calling 870.203.9992 and leave a message.  We will retrieve the basket and have a gift card available at our store for your loved one.  We will be open bid day from 2-4pm or she can pick up her gift card anytime during normal store hours.  She can use this gift card to purchase our brand new line of ASTATE gear or any of our other awesome items! 
  • If your loved one does not receive a bid, don’t fear.  We will refund your purchase within 2 business days.